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Research Federations


Similarly to the joint research units, the Research Federations, which are composed of several UMR or EA, are recognized by the CNRS and several other organizations. Their aim is to pool resources (Ph.D. trainings, computing resources, scientific literature) or requests for resources sent to the local administrative authorities, and to promote (...)

Paris Centre federation of mathematical sciences research (FR 2830)

The Paris Centre federation of mathematical sciences research was created for a renewable four-year term to replace the Federative Research Institute in mathematics and computing science. It is attach to the "Institut des Sciences Mathématiques et de leurs interactions" (INSMI) of the (...)

Federation of Research of the Mathematical Units of Marseille (FR 2291)

To coordinate and formalize the already existing collaborations, the three laboratories, IML, CPT and LATP has gathered in the Federation of Research of the Mathematical Units of Marseilles (FRUMAM). The Research Federation 2291 was officially created on the first January (...)

Research Federation Denis Poisson (FR 2964)

The goal of the Research Federation Denis Poisson (FDP) is to bring together the skills in mathematics and theoretical physics of the region Centre under a, nationally and internationally renowned, scientific cluster, which shall be the catalyst for multidisciplinary (...)

Nord Pas-de-Calais Research Federation in Mathematics (FR 2956)

The aim of the federation is to gather all researchers in Mathematics from the region. It is concern with the following topics : regional scientific life, formation (master, doctorate), recruitment, international cooperation, documentary resources.

Pays de Loire Research Federation in Mathematics (FR 2962)

The aim of this research structure is to federate throughout the Pays de la Loire, the mathematical skills within a single research center that would be at the highest international level, being noticeable both on a national and an international level, and which would be an engine for inter-laboratory (...)

Mathematics and Applications at the École Polytechnique (FMAX)

No informations on this federation at the moment. This page will be completed as soon as possible. Editorial staff.